Well, a typical bridal makeup session takes about minimum of 3 hours, as has been observed by many Indian makeup artists, including the hair-do. It totally depends on what kind of makeup are you opting for. If you plan to go with an Airbrush makeup technique, it is comparatively going to take less time as compared with traditional makeup.

Traditional makeup includes using fingertips, brushes and beauty blenders, which takes a little longer than the Airbrush makeup. If you want to go with an advanced hair-do, that also takes more time than the basic ones because a lot more products and techniques are involved that the Indian makeup artist needs to deliver.

Both have their own pros and cons. Talking about the price, Airbrush is comparatively more expensive than the traditional one. But, it is also the speedier one. Not every Indian Makeup Artist is an expert when it comes to using the Airbrush gun, so make sure you go to a renowned MUA. It requires a lot of practice to be a pro at Airbrush makeup, whereas, you can risk it with an armature MUA when it comes to traditional makeup.

We have an exclusive collection of hair accessories and jewellery on rent, which in included in our PLATINUM and GOLD packages. To check a few jewellery images, head to the portfolio section

We travel across India, and also cater to outstation brides. 

For the bride, we have a dedicated team of 2-4 artists, depending on the bride's needs - A bridal Makeup artist, a bridal hairstylist, an assistant, and a photographer.

We have branches in different location in Pune, hence there's no dearth of trained staffs. We usually have a huge team and we can accommodate as many siders as you want 🙂

Don't worry! We got you all covered. Our fashion expert will help you design, and even customize your outfit at our in house boutique, if you need. We not only help you plan your outfit, but also help you procure the best jewellery, and mix and match them. We help you plan your entire look from head to toe, with every single detail

We, at Vogue Studio believes in flexibility, hence you can add your own customizations, and the prices are adjusted accordingly.